I still enjoy enough movies that I don't consider them a dead art form. There are a variety of factors that add to the potential for disappointment for me, though. A couple of the more prominent ones:

1) I've watched a ton at this point, and naturally it's going to be harder to captivate me. The price of more sophisticated taste

2) TV has really come into its own. Feature films used to be a distinct cut above in production value and execution, but that's not the case anymore. Sure, the biggest blockbusters are still going to have the top tier effects, but the gap isn't nearly as pronounced as before. And beyond effects, TV has more time to develop the characters and the stories, and it's hard for movies to compete with that.

I'm not a fan of blanket statements bemoaning the state of this or that. It's just a rule that most offerings of anything are going to be crap. It's always been about finding the exceptions. But I can totally relate to not wanting to invest the time and energy into finding the gems. It would be easier if Hollywood, etc. would just knock it out of the park every time. We don't live in that world.