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Welcome to Axiom good people on this forum!!!The M80's are a great speaker IMO you'd have to up the ante quite bit in $$$$ outlay to do alot better!!!! I've used the M60's in the past just traded up to the 80's v.3 & am shocked at the better sound quality which is saying quite a alot given the 60's are no slouch!!! Just as important is that Axiom is a 1st rate company to deal with from service to integrity point of view which is very unusual these days IMHO!!!Axiom has always made buying anything from them a pleasure the only thing that would make it better is if was free wink !!!LOL Hope you like your 80's!!! I'm planning to upgrade my AVR too....looking at getting a Anthem mrx-720..I'm using currently a Yamaha RXA-1000 just heard the Anthem today driving a pair of Paradigm monitor 9's & was impressed can't wait to hear what that AVR(Anthem 720) does with my 80's!!!!

I have the M80v3 and had a Denon 3806 and upgraded to the Pioneer SC 1526 I think it was $2400 reciever and then got the Anthem MRX500 and that was better than anything I had. I cannot imagine how good a 720 would sound with the improvements. Have a prepro Anthem MCA50 and AVM30 now, but will be going with a MRX 520 sometime soon. However, I am dropping the M80 for m22's and subs, just because of the smaller room.

Thanks for the info Troy!!!

M80V3,VP-160 mini,Axiom QS8 v3,Paradigm DSP-3100 Sub Denon X3700H