Ok I am not going to lie I was treated pretty poorly by Axiom last year. It left a bitter taste in my mouth, but what has transpired now is just insanity. I won't get into last year's ordeal. I only mention it because, it was the catalyst that made me clean house of Axiom.

On April 14th I ordered some boxes for my M80s I was going to ship them in for credit. I was hoping I could sell the credit to someone. 10 days later I call to see where the boxes are. The nice lady Debbie apologizes and tells me someone should of called me. They can't send boxes without me selecting what I want to trade for. So I paid 90 dollars for the boxes and I would ship them to somebody. Luckily I knew a guy. 2 weeks later I call back to see where the boxes are. The nice lady apologizes and says someone should of called me. They are out of M80 boxes but will have some the next week on Monday. She promises she will make it and right and will refund the extra 30 dollars I paid. 10 days later I call and the nice lady says she will make sure they ship that day.

And they did, but they arrived with only 2 lids and only 3 top foams. And 1 speaker box was bigger than other and the foam kept falling out. So I had to cut the box and tape it to make it fit. I called and the nice lady Debbie asked for some pictures and apologized and promised to take care of it Monday. Well 8 days later and 5 phone calls and messages unanswered I got Debbie on the phone again she made sure and shipped the lids and foam out.

Well the lids and foam arrived yesterday. Problem is who ever packed the lids decided the best way to ship them was to completely destroy one lid. at this point I gave up and just went to FedEx.

I will never buy anything from this company again. I have spent thousands of dollars with them. And time and again they have showed me they don't care.

I can not wait to get rid of my QS8s and VP180 after that I will be Axiom free. I sold my real wood M80s for 600 dollars just not to be reminded of this company anymore.

I don't know what caused this company to change so drastically or if I just rubbed someone wrong. But I wish everyone the best.

Also I never got the refund and I had to spend 40 dollars on packing material at FedEx.

If anyone was curious what I switched to. I am currently using Focal Sopra no2 and awaiting delivery on the matching center and rears.

M80s QS8s VP150 SVS 25-31 Rotel RSX-1560