I am moving into a new house in 20 days and I really want a new fridge. Since Axiom doesn't make any I will ask the family here to help me make an informed choice.

Must haves.
2 Doors
Freezer Location ? suggest
ice maker/filtered water

Now I am brand agnostic so I would like to hear from anyone who had a bad experience with a particular brand. There are so darn many to choose from I would really like to know what is important as far a longevity is concerned. My parents bought a fridge and the paddle for the water dispenser broke and it was stupid expensive to fix since just the paddle could not be replaced. I have seen stainless fridges from 1500 on up to 4grand , I don't want to cheap out I know its better to go all in but I can only afford to go so far in LOL. I am thinkin 2500 to 3g tops.


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