Guys - It's time for an update. 2016 has been a most difficult year for our family. We have had an MS scare with our oldest (thankfully, it turned out to be related to his type one diabetes, and quite controllable) and after THAT was settled, our youngest was in an accident at his university in which he fractured 3 vertebrae in his neck and back.

For those who know about these things, it was C-6, C-7 and T-1.

The incident occurred on a college campus, and fortunately he was stabilized by the local hospital then transferred to a trauma center in Columbus Ohio where surgery was successful.

The neurosurgeon who performed the 6 hour operation was as good a person as one could ask for. He never talked down to us, and explained everything he did, then transferred the information over to the neurosurgeon in our home town.

The incident was on April 20, and as I type this, our son is at physical therapy. He is walking about 5 miles per day, and is healing. There are about 6 more months of intense follow up ahead of him - which is difficult for him. He cannot do any normal 19 year old young male stuff, but he is mostly understanding and appreciative that he isn't in a wheelchair.

Of course, all the review stuff, and even form participation, pretty much stopped in January, when the MS scare started, and has continued until now.

Apologies for such a ... "downer" thread, but it does feel good to get this "off my chest", as the saying goes.

And yes, we are ALL appreciative to the medical staff and to our creator for the care shown through all of this. smile

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