One thing to note about this amp is the preout signal has to be as high as possible to avoid amplifying the preamp noise floor. I expect all high gain pro amps to be very similar. This could be an issue if mixing pro amps with consumer gear with lower gain.

I have made arrangements to try out 2 studio amps bridged at 560w/8 ohms each. For less rental fee ta boot.

The noise floor and seeming crosstalk between channels makes this a poor choice for critical listening. (Surprise) wink )My previous setup doesnt have the dynamics this yorkville does, but sounds like a scalpel by comparison. This is more like a cleaver. laugh A very enjoyable cleaver.

The measurements show no obvious embellishment of low frequencies with pink noise above the crossover point. I'm too nervous to run full range test signals (no subs) through my towers with this amp at reference level.

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