I've been working on a full house install. I've done all the piping from all zones to a central location where all my equipment will be in a rack. I am trying to make this install as clean as possible. I've been quoted for a very expense Control4 system but it seems to fit the bill.

I am trying to control 6 sources via a matrix sent to the following zones:

1 - 11.2.4 Atmos,TV
2 - Two 5.1 systems with TV's
3 - 2.0 system with TV
4 - Two TV's only

Any other options that I should consider? I am more concerned with the simplicity of control for my wife and kids. I have 3 AVR's for the 3 mutli speaker zones (Denon: 7200WA, 4520CI, 1713 plus an extra Rotel amp). I've successfully used the internal matrix/multiple zones/multiple hdmi outs in the AVRs during a prior build but this was not really user friendly for my kids.

I am ready to sign the quote with the installer so just doing some last minute checking.

Temp.setup - 2.1 - Denon 1713 AVR, Denon 1713 BRD, Paradigm Cinema 200, and Monitor Audio 360 Sub