Hi everyone,
I'm a Kickstarter backer who waited just over a year to receive my AxiomAir. Well, today feels like Christmas, as the unit finally arrived. Woohoo! :-)

For various reasons (spotty internet connectivity at my cottage, my fetish for FLAC lossless audio) I prefer to curate my local music library on Windows PCs at home and cottage, and I also use a 512GB SSD USB drive to keep home and cottage libraries in synch. I also have many Logitech Squeezebox devices (some also based on Raspberry Pi) which render my music.

I tried to map to my network drive using various options, none seemed to work. Thankfully, I use BubbleuPnP, which allowed me to select my Squeezebox library and my AxiomAir to render music...all worked really well, just a bit cumbersome to switch between Bubble and AA UIs.

But what if I want to take the AA onto my dock, where network connectivity is out of range? I inserted my 512GB USB drive into one of the unused USB ports on the AA, but the webUI didn't allow me to browse anything. Could this be due to the fact that the drive is formatted as NTFS? Or am I doing something wrong?

Very pleased and grateful that you brought this product to market, it was well worth the wait!


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