Hi All

Hopefully I clearly show you my setup and explain what I want and not cause a bunch of confusion.

I have attached some pics of the room (M60Ti circa 2002, VP150Ti Circa 2002, M3 V4 Circa 2014, Denon 2112, Klipsch SUB circa 2002)

Note that the chair there will be gone and 2 large lazy boys will be centered to the screen. This could change in the future as I would like 4 wide theater seats someday


I have recently sorta got wife approval to move my M3s from upstairs downstairs to use as the side surrounds (before was relying on cheap in walls behind that bothered me since installation)

So now my next step. I have a couple of thoughts/options

For ATMOS I am good heading toward 5.1.4 or 7.1.2

I got some feedback from a well known forum that my room wouldn't work for 4 ceilings which makes sense as I wouldn't be able to properly mount Top Rear speakers. They will be to low (the bulkhead is about 6'11" where the drop ceiling is about 8'

So now I am looking at rear surround position and have a couple thoughts.

Option 1) No rears as MLP is to close or not needed as M3s cover the back. (might be true but performed some blind listening tests with myself and the family (kids were actually blindfolded) and everyone of us could tell the difference. Kids and wife didnt know it was more speakers though just different.

Option 2) replace in walls with M3 IN-walls move rear left in as its way to far over.

Option 3) Install non Axiom (*cringe*) Aimable In walls to allow them to stay out wide but be aimed to the listening position. Still might move left rear in.

Option 4) Move QS4s that are upstairs and dont get used and put them in correct position on back wall ( I have read the big debates on here and other sites about non-direct radiating speakers and Atmos) My thinking is that based on a .2 setup and the fact that my back wall/bulkhead is a challenge maybe the QS4s would fill out the back

So this is step 1 on the Journey to improve my setup to where I know it should be and prepare for the next step to Atmos.

Hope to hear lots of thoughts and feedback.