Hi all,
Has anyone else experienced issues with distortion when playing back content from their cable box? I do not hear the distortion with just playing the normal channels you can select. The distortion is only present when I rent a movie from the cable providers so called "On Demand" service. It is quite audible from the L C and R main speakers, can't really tell if the surrounds are also contributing. But, it is bad enough I don't want to play the audio through my system. There isn't any distortion evident when playing games (PS3) or movie disks (Oppo 93) or Radio just when using the the On Demand service from my Cable provider.
I have had this setup for a while now (several years) this distortion has only recently raised its ugly head. The only change to the system is the addition of another sub (can't have too much subwooferage).
I have disconnected the 2nd sub, made no difference. What to look at next?
Anyone else experienced anything like this.
My bad, looks like I posted this in the wrong section!

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