Hi folks, my first post.. nice to be here. I've been meaning to join for quite some time, figured today should be the day.

So, I bought a set of AX-5's off a local guy on Kijiji a few years back. They were quite well maintained and looked over by a speaker tech and were/are sounding great at the time of audition. I couldn't get my money out quick enough and managed to haggle down the price in exchange for a set of nice, but in dire need of serious repair Chartwell PM100's.

I got them home, hooked them up, and they were even better on my home 2 channel setup than the one I auditioned them on! I love 'em and see no reason to upgrade for a very long time. I'm regularly sitting and staring at them in awe of how much detail, clairty, and bass these things produce!

To the point of my rambling post. I've done a bit of research around to see what the verdict is out there, and there's not a ton of info, but the general consensus agrees they're great. But I notice mine in particular look somewhat different from all the ones I've seen (not that many really, some ported, some bi-ampable), and wonder if anyone knows anything about them? Year of manufacture? Anything noteworthy about these ones in particular? Anybody else have the same ones? Guess I'm curious of their history a bit. Here's a gallery of a few shots I took when I initially got them. I have since better positioned them and have made a few upgrades to the system they're connected to as well. Have a look here:


Anyway, thanks for looking, and please let me know what you folks know or think! My friend seriously thinks that one day I'll sell them to him.. I'd have to fall on some desperate times to part with these.