So I was dusting a while back and took the grill cover off my VP180 center channel and much to my dismay I saw the dust cap poked in. Now I know the innocent until proven guilty rule but I can skip that and just convict the toddler.

In any event, I pulled out the vacuum and used the attachment piece usually used to clean under the couch or in corners and got it slowly closer and closer to the driver. When about a half to a quarter inch from the driver it sucked the dent right back out and I quickly turned the vacuum off and pulled it away and everything looked good as new.

not sure if anyone else has used this trick with success but worked well for me!

However, the vacuum didn't solve the gash in the finish in the side of me M80's due to the same culprit knocking my speaker over onto the corner of my center channel stand frown. Hey, at least they still sound amazing!