I am having trouble connecting to the AA via WiFi. A little background information is that I have had it working on both my home and work networks although it has never seamlessly found the network that is in the vicinity. I have had to delete the previous setting and then go through all of the steps again to connect it to the home or work network. Is this normal or should the AA recognize whichever network it is near? It does not seem to remember each network and stays rooted to only the last network it has accessed.

Currently I had the AA at work and it was fine. I brought it home and it was there as a choice on my WiFi but was 'not in range'. I assumed it was stuck in the office network mode again. In the past I simply deleted the existing WiFi setting for the AA and then went through the process to reset it under the home network. But this time the AA would not go into hotspot mode.

I decided to do a factory reset but despite using three different USB dongles and each one in multiple USB slots I get no factory reset and no blinking lights!

I am stuck. I think I need to get back to factory reset but how I do not know. I await in silence (no AA to listen to) for any suggestions. Thanks.