While I haven't posted for a while, I still lurk here a couple of times each day.

Seems like I have all 4 of my Axiom systems 'tuned up' perfectly with no more tweaking required - therefore no drama here & really nothing for me to talk about. I'm not in the market for anything at the moment - just enjoying the outstanding systems I already have.

I'm of the opinion that some people are more susceptible to 'placebo effect' than others. That is just fine if that is what makes them happy & I would not castigate them for it. I personally do not hear a difference between cables & my Tube Amp sounds more like my SS Receiver than it should, I suppose.

Perhaps it is because of my increasing age as I'm now a senior, where I've 'been there & done that'. Arguing incessantly over subjects like 'comb filtering' in a horizontal CC Speaker is just does not grab my interest much anymore.

Looking at other AV sites that I peruse daily, there seems to be an overall drop in posting traffic. Perhaps it is the younger generations that are not as much into this pastime as I was. The convenience of music from a portable type device with ear buds seems to suffice. Furthermore, there are so many other methods of posting on social media (that I don't & will never partake in), the amount of traffic is just being diluted.

Back to lurking, so I'm still watching, ha!...