Nice work Bridgeman. Bang.

I think room treatments can be very effective. Though, it seems to me, that it is a very hit and miss affair.

Seems to me that DSP is the way to go. The only objective way to even out the room frequency response is by using mikes and DSP(s), I think.

Mark Schifter is coming out from Colorado tomorrow to set up the Emerald Physics rig in my living room. He'll be using 2 DSP units (I think), and enough amps to triamp the EP2.8s. They are supposed to be pretty flat down to 20Hz, but I have an Axiom EP500 in my other 2 channel system that will be available to augment the bass, but I don't think it will be necessary.

Bridgeman, are those 2 couch cushions against the window?

Anyway, I will report back with my impressions on the new 2 channel system really soon.

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