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The younger generation in my house has as much of a passion for music as I, but does not care so much about fidelity.

Yeah... it's hard to develop a taste for fidelity when most of your listening experience involves ear buds. We thought AM radio was bad...

I wonder how much of this is related to affordability of housing and kids staying at home much longer. I had moved out by the time I was 16 (back then a part-time job on weekends was enough to cover rent/food, summer job paid for tuition) and between the five of us renting a house we had a pretty impressive sound system (including a floating concrete pad for the turntable), 2000+ LPs with surprisingly little duplication, and nobody telling us to "turn it down".

The kids I know who are as much into music and sound as our generation seem to be the ones whose parents built an HT, didn't have time to use it, and essentially turned it over to their kids as the local hangout. "At least I know where they are" was the common sentiment...

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They are also busy hanging out with the rest of their generation trying out new micro breweries and such. Life goes on.

OK, so not a total loss then smile

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