Starting to gather up components for my third home theater. I have a grand master on wall Axiom system which I ran on a few different receivers in my last2 theaters. Trying to get more clarity from my sound in the new room I am building and considering getting a preamp- amp combo which I have never done before. First receiver was an old Denon with 100w per 5.1. Second was a Yamaha with 125 per 7.1 Now considering going with a preamp and amplifier as I hear I will get better sound and clarity at higher volumes. One of the websites our there had a rep who recommended the Yamaha CX-A5000 along with the MX-A5000. Was a bit pricey for my taste.

Should I go with the preamp-amp combo to improve clarity at volume? Is it worth spending the money? My room is about 20X17. my Grand Master is a 7.1 on wall. Once I get this down I'll need to figure out projector / screen and such. I may also add a second sub. not sure

It all matters.....just not very much.