It's been a while since I went with separates. I did it then because I had speakers that required more power than available receivers had. Now most speakers can run on a lot less. I recently chose a Marantz SR7010 AV Rcvr over their pre-amp and a separate power amp. The 125W/ch is plenty for my (mostly) Axiom speakers. It has the same processing / switching capabilities as the Pre-amp. It can be used as an 11ch pre-amp if I go to less efficient speakers somewhere down the road (not likely), and costs half as much (which is why I can go 11.x / 7.x.4 now, and add Auro-3D).

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Marantz SR7010
Onkyo M-282 2ch amp
M60v3 x2
QS8v4 x4
M2v4 x4
Vizio 65" 3D