Absolutely. You get much improved subwoofer/bass/LFE response throughout more of your room with more subwoofers.

Low frequency audio is really tough to control in any regular or even large size room in your home. Peaks and nulls are rampant. Adding a 2nd sub (and placing it in a complimentary location) will help to smooth those peaks and nulls so that more and more seats sound good.

Generally the "ideal" subwoofer setup includes 4 subwoofers, each one at the midpoint of each wall or possibly some other layouts like these:

I wouldn't recommend the "four corners" approach as putting subs in a corner is considered boomy, but each room is different, and you want to balance out your subs out as evenly as possible in the space (opposite ends/sides kind of thing).

That said, the biggest bang for your buck is going from 1 to 2 subwoofers. Adding a 3rd helps a lot too, but not as much, and the 4th sub still helps, but even less than the 3rd, so the cost/performance decreases, but is still valuable up to 4 subs...

Here is a video, made by Axiom years ago, about multiple subwoofers.

I am sure that there are others, but hopefully this helps.
Axiom - Mutliple Subwoofers

Farewell - June 4, 2020