If you're going to all that trouble, I don't know why you're not getting LFR900s. There's room on the top of the LFR1100 cabinet for a Bose 601 series II-style free space array that fits a mid-range and a tweeter. If Ian gives Andrew a beer and pizza, he can whip out the DSP coefficients on that puppy over the weekend.

I need to add here that Andrew has always had a love for what Bose did and it showed when he was at Mirage and now he's perfected it at Axiom apparently. So he'd love to DSP the hell out of an on-wall speaker just because he's a nerd engineer that just loves to do shit like that. Believe me - I know.

Seriously dude! Go all in or go home.

LOL! Not my money. Heee heee!