I have a pair or M3s sitting around right now not hooked up to anything. I was hoping to put together a budget system to use with a turntable (still looking for a turntable at the moment), but I've heard good things about the TubeCube 7


Would that amp be sufficient to drive the M3s in a small room? IT's only rated for 3.5W and I'm somewhat worried as the website says the M3s need minimum 10w?

The other alternative would be to get the monoprice hybrid tube amp, but my understanding is that it's not a true tube amp because of it's digital pre-amp stage?


I don't know much about tube amps at all, this is my first step into that world. Like I mentioned, just looking to build a budget system for listening vinyl. The turntable that I get will have a phono preamp in it so I don't need my tube amp to be able to receive a phono signal (which I know the TubeCube does not, not sure on the monorpice one).

Looking for some advice from people that have experimented with such a set up before.