M3s are in and sound as great as I remembered. No time for serious listening yet but ran a few different CDs/genres through them as a quick check.

I wasn't sure how things like bass pedals were going to come through but White Mountain (Genesis) and Echoes (Pink Floyd) sounded really good. Not sure if the initial bass at the start of Echoes is pedals or bass guitar but sounds smooth & decently flat response either way.

Initially I put them on the stands and put the Sierra 1's on top of the M40s, but concluded that the M3's sounded better if they were a bit closer together.

Sorry for pic size, thought my phone used to make "small" pictures smaller than this when sending. Must be one of the recent Blackberry OS upgrades.

EDIT - that's interesting...pics seems smaller on the web page than when viewed locally, so ignore apology above.

Something to figure out on the weekend smile

BTW the new packaging is really good - Axiom may have finally come up with something that even a courier can't break, at least for the lighter speakers.

I guess you could still get damage if the driver practiced caber tossing with an M80 or M100 though.

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