I'm running Atmos and Auro-3D (and DTS:X once I get the update working). My current setup is:
Marantz SR7010
Vizio 65" w/3D
L-R M60s
C - RP-450C (fits console)
S - QS8s (2 pair)
H - M2s (2 pair)
SW - EP350 (waiting on shipment, replacing SVS PC13 Ultra)

M2s are near ceiling on front and rear walls per Auro-3D recommendation, to work best with all three formats.
2nd pair of QS8s replaced M3s for rear surround duty. The QS8s sound great in my 11.x (7.x.4) setup. The FMS QS stands put them at the perfect height.
The SVS was major overkill for my mobile home. wink
My room is 24x15x8. I imagine QS4s would be great for a smaller room.

Marantz SR7010
Onkyo M-282 2ch amp
M60v3 x2
QS8v4 x4
M2v4 x4
Vizio 65" 3D