Nick where did you get your Anthem? I saw a thread from earlier this year you went through an installer in Canada? I noticed here in DSM there is AudioLabs as well as a few other "Installers". Any other choices online besides Crutchfield or Ebay(sketchy sellers). How do you like the ARC correction? Looks like the Marantz 7702mkii is getting harder to find, Outlaw is even out of their B stock units. I would have to add another 4-5 channel amp to add to my 7 channel Outlaw as well. I need to start selling stuff, lol (Denon, Projector, Telescope, etc.) lol

M80s VP180 4xM22ow 4xM3ic EP600 2xEP350
AnthemAVM60 Outlaw7700 EmoA500 Epson5040UB SonyUBPX800