I got an amazing price on it, but that installer from Canada got into a bit of hot water because he was selling it for what came out to a price that was more than $1300 off U.S. MSRP shipped to people in the U.S. (he was undermining U.S. reseller pricing, even though there was nothing stated that he couldn't do so, or that it violated any of their dealer agreements). I still have a fully warranted unit for a price that was too amazing not to jump on it.

Came across him on Facebook as he was giving everyone in a particular home theater group on there a promise of a deal.

ARC was always promised as a top tier room correction, but I wasn't sure. I REALLY liked Audyssey XT32. However, when I ran ARC for the first time, I was absolutely blown away at how much better my speakers and room sounded. I would never want to go back to Audyssey, and that is saying quite a bit.

If you already have the main 7 channel amp, you could always look that their AVM 60 and add more amplification down the road for overheads if you so desired. It is the MRX-1120 without amps. I am surprised that it isn't cheaper than $500 less than an 1120 that comes with internal amplification, but it would be an option.

Or go with the 720. It can process 11.1 audio, but only has 7 channels of amplification inside. Price point is a bit nicer.

Lots of options out there. I made a big jump up to Anthem and now I don't think that I could ever go back to any of the more "mainstream" brands.

Farewell - June 4, 2020