Figured I would start my own thread, didn't want to spam Aarons smile. Below are some pics I took tonight after I removed my rear Qs8s which were much higher and put on some onwall 22s. Luckily I had enough slack in my prior wiring job I was able to drop them. The left and right surrounds will be a different story. The left surround Qs8 was connected with Axioms onwall flat speaker wire and then painted over. I used one of their connection blocks to connect a small piece of reg speaker wire to the back of the Qs8. I have some extra flat wire so would be able to figure out how to come down 90deg and drop it to same level as the rears. The right Qs8 is on a reg framed wall, so hopefully I can snake up and pull the wire down, might have to add a little.

Was thinking about trading in for 2 more m22 onwalls? I have a pair of reg bookshelf 22s, but they are rear ported so can't use them.

Still have no idea which ceiling speakers to use for Atmos/DTSx and where to position them so both rows get affects.

M80s VP180 4xM22ow 4xM3ic EP600 2xEP350
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