9 foot ceilings, right Randy?

You could go with speakers pointing pretty much straight down, a luxury that I didn't have with my ceiling being a little under 8 feet. In-ceiling would have an aimable tweeter to help direct the critical sound towards more seats. On-ceiling could have a small "shim" between it and the ceiling to aim them as well, but even so it probably isn't totally needed.

Here is a crude picture showing where I would start targeting ceiling speaker placement. Measurements and some minor calculations would be in order. You *might* get a little "spotlighting" of the rear speakers over the 2nd row like in my picture, but part of the goal is to put the overheads "in the gaps" of your other speakers while still being within the correct angle ranges from your primary listening position.

I just tossed them up about half way between your rear and side surrounds. The fronts are purposefully put slightly closer to the listening area than smack-dab in between the listening area and the front soundstage. DTS:X likes the overheads pretty much on the walls, Atmos wants them to form an overhead box just outside of the listening area. With a 2nd row back like yours (and mine) that isn't possible for the rears. Also, since the front soundstage is the most powerful part of the theater, you want to fronts a little closer to "Atmos spec" so that they aren't overpowered by the front speakers.

Again, this is crudely done, but would give you an idea.

Oh, and yes, move Yoda and get the side surrounds down.

Farewell - June 4, 2020