I'm just glad it got here safely. Something this big you just do not know. They packed it well, one of those new cool boxes....just REALLY big.

I'll say this, just spent the last hour or so going through various music, I'm quite happy with it. It's been a long journey but I think I may actually retire my old faithful D9's.

Yup, all this to replace Cerwin Vega D9's from the late 80's. Before Vega got bought out and went down the drain they made these monsters. Legendary D9's people call them. I've tried so many things over the years and just brought them all back because the D9's were just flat out better. Yes, even my M80's could not keep up at least not for the bar/party purpose.

It's a two channel system with a carver tfm pre/pro setup I've had since ...well....long ago. Party Speakers, bar speakers, HT they've done it all over the years. I remember I worked like two summers, 60+ hours a week to save up for the stuff. I was a DJ back then, but had another job during the summer months, but I got the D9's through people I knew via DJ'ing. The carvers were new and not cheap for a high school kid but I got em.

I knew I was running on borrowed time with the d9's. Already repaired one cone. And of course the woman hated them. Too big. I said do you know what its going to take to replace them and sound the same? She loved the sound, we both did. They did every type of music well. Well, what we listen to. Pop, rock, country. But its not a room we use a lot, so I didn't want to put too much $$$ into it. Refurb area to the rescue!

But our basement SUCKS for bass. Like miserable. I put the sub floor and built the basement in my last home and one HSU sub overpowered the house yet alone HT room. But this one, I don't know what they got done but it sucks up all the bass. Had to add another sub to theater, still not quite as good, no matter where I put it.

Had the same issue in the "Bar". Small room, 20x13, barely 8' ceilings. Vegas rocked the room. But an EP500, not a chance. The EP800....much better. The entire room is pine, bar is pine. Always wanted Pine Axioms but gave up waiting 2 years back and grabbed a mint set of M3's in Maple. Then before xmas low and behold...Pine M3's...ordered on the spot with an Ep500. My Vega replacement plan was always 4 mounted M3's, and one sub. So yeah, I got two maple and two Pine M3's, I'll fix that someday. But for now, room sounds great. Matter of fact, because the Sub crawl resulted in where the sub is....it is literally adjacent to the rear side of my theater so now its the bar sub, and its my theater rear sub....and holy @#$% what a difference that made.

Anyways, I pissed off the neighbors enough tonight. This post is also long enough.

Hmmmm, Ep800 + AxiomAir.....

EP500/800/HSU VTF3/SVS PB2k/SB2k/SB-12