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I'm just surprised people are still using projectors, though i guess beyond 75" screens, that is still a requirement.
Thankfully, in part, our room is limited to 75" max or i wouldn't have anywhere to move the speakers.
Luckily most new large format LED and OLED now have the 75" range as a fairly common option at most big box stores.

Waiting on that OLED to pickup steam..come on industry competition...

Yeah, someday when OLED rolls out (pun intended) with "sheets" of OLED material that you can put on your wall to make virtually any size image (it is a technical possibility), I have no other choice but a projector to get my current 138" image. Outside of needing a dark room (which better simulates a theater for movie watching anyway), and when thinking of "pre-4K" technology, the projector has almost always been the cheaper way to get a really large screen too.

The biggest downfall of the future of having the ability to put a massive roll of OLED material on your wall, outside of potential cost, will be not being able to put the speakers right behind that display like you can with a screen and projector, but that image would be REALLY cool.

Then again, there is already a push for something that I saw coming years ago... Personal displays. By that, I mean headsets that you wear that simulate a massive screen. It is out there and starting to make headlines.

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