All, I purchased a complete set of Axiom speakers for a 7.1 configuration more than 10 years back, which along with a Denon 3805 and a Denon universal DVD player, 'made my cup overflow' with music bliss (OK on the visual side with a Panny 42" TV).

Five years back, a Hsu sub added the oomph for classical tracks that are on the low frequency side like organ music, and for movies like U-571. A few years back I sprung for a projector and a BD player (with 7.1 analog outputs) that significantly improved the visual side of my previously music focused configuration. A day back I purchased a new Marantz SR6011 Dolby Atmos (supports 11.2 with extra amp) receiver. Though the Denon 3805 was a great receiver (driving the 4 ohm M80s with ease, and supporting 7.1 analog inputs for either the Universal DVD OR BD player), the lack of HDMI was getting to be increasing a serious handicap.

Now, the $1,000 question. Since my media room measures 16' long, 15' wide, and 10' feet high, would I be served best with TWO sets of ceiling speakers, or one pair? If the spend on the extra $500 will not provide me an appreciable increase in fidelity on the sound track of movies with overhead action, especially given the length of my room, then I don't think I need the 2nd pair.

The seating position (4 seats) is roughly 9' from the screen in a slight arc. The rear speakers are 7' behind the seating area (the room being 16' long). I'll have to lower the sides/rear QS8s to eye level based on the Dolby Atmos preferred room configuration for a 7.1.2 or 7.1.4 configuration . Additionally, I"ll move the seats 1-2 feet in front.

Would appreciate your insights you all on the ceiling speaker configuration. Over the years, I've come to respect the friendly camaraderie, and expertise in this forum, don't think I'll be disappointed!
Axiom M80Ti,VP150,QS8(4)
BenQ W1070, Panny DMP-BDT500, Sony CDPCX255, Denon 3805