Over the past nine months we have been working on an expanded line of wireless products. The focus has been on wireless stereo products that make an entire 2.1 system. The system would consist of a pair of speakers with the amplifiers built in and a small box (pictured below) that contains the AxiomAir computer, WiFi receiver, an optical input, a line level input, the High Res DAC, and the transmitter. All of our Subwoofers would be available with a wireless receiver so they could be added to your audio system by just plugging them into a wall outlet. The entire system would be controlled from the AxiomAir interface.

Our thinking is the optical input would be used for your TV’s optical output so selecting TV on the AxiomAir interface would send the audio from your TV wirelessly to your speaker system. The Analog input could be for any other piece of equipment you may want to plug in, like the pre-amp box from your turntable.

We are thinking that our models M3, M5HP, M80, M100, LFR880, and LFR1100 (and all our Subwoofers) all have good potential for this type of product. Your thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated. We are looking at having three amplifier levels available: a 50-watt amplifier built into each M3, a 200-watt amplifier built into each M5HP, and a 500-watt amplifier built into each Floorstander. The LFR models would have the DSP built into each speaker also thereby making the LFR series plug (into the wall)-and-play just like the other Floorstander models.

We will also have an optional box that could be plugged into this module for Karaoke. This box would contain our Karaoke module including our feedback killer, and either two or four wireless microphones.

Your comments on these new product concepts would be greatly appreciated.

Ian Colquhoun
President & Chief Engineer