Congrats on the purchase. The waiting is the hardest part. I should write a song about that . I have Dirac and i can tell you that what it does for my already fantastic sounding system is nothing short of amazing. Its like it fills in the blanks and makes everything seem seamless, really hard to describe. ARC and Dirac are the top notch room correction systems that are available.I only use it for HT and some purists dont like RC for 2 channel music. I have a seperate system for 2 channel anyway. I would suggest you run your system without using ARC until you have it set up the best you can possibly get it and then watch a few movies. After that run ARC and prpare to be be amazed. When i moved into my new house and set everything up i went a year without running Dirac because it sounded great and i just kept putting it off. Well long story short i wish had rerun dirac in the new room sooner, lesson learned.

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