I wanted to reach out to everyone that owns or knows someone that is looking to demo, or own Axiom hardware.
There is a new high end home theater store that is coming to Columbia South Carolina. The showroom is designed to sample different Axiom speaker combinations, from the simplistic LFR, to the ultimate Dolby ATMOS(tm) setup. Each section of the showroom will provide the user to listen to the Axiom line of speakers through multiple high end A/V receivers. One example will have the Onkyo PR-RZ5100 with two ADA1500 amplifiers, and the flagship speakers offered by Axiom. The sound rooms are sound proof on the internal walls (between the sheetrock) so the user can experience the true sound of the system as if they were in their own home. If the customer decides to purchase any set of speakers or complete package. We will work with the customer for a custom installation provided by the store. We also integrate whole house intercom, and individual zones for customers requesting multiple zones. We also offer complete per-installation for new home builds. Please if you would provide your thoughts or any questions that you have about this one of a kind home theater test drive before you buy? There will be multiple isolated (no bleed over when someone listens at reference level)sound rooms, in a 8,000 SQ FT building. I am looking forward to your thoughts and suggestions.
Thank you for taking the time to read this and replies.