Parasound sent me their new Class D amplifier to evaluate against the A51 Class a/ab amp I have with the Bryston Model T's. This thing only weighs 15 pounds with the switching power supply in it. It's putting out 600 watts per channel vs. 400 watts in the A51.

Interesting piece I must say. Very powerful low and mid range, a little bright on the upper end. But they did tell me it needs 200 hours burn in and I only have about 8 hours on it thus far. I see that it has two channels each with right/left speaker outputs. I might try bi-amping the speakers tomorrow for the hell of it as that is how I ran the A51.

The sound stage is a little limited vs. the A51, but to be fair I'll give it more time to break in. But for a list price of $1300 US, it's a nice amp vs. the A51 at nearly $5K

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