So I currently have an an Axiom heavy 5.1 system (don’t remember the model numbers as I bought everything in 2007 but was the largest and most current Axiom floor and on wall surrounds at the time). The only non-Axiom I have is an SVS cylindrical sub that I have had for even longer but still performs quite well.

Fast forward to now and I am buying a house that is currently under construction. Given the design of the house, I need to abandon my floor speakers and will have to compromise for an all in cieling or wall setup. No dedicated theater room and will have a large open living room. The room is roughly 18 x 18 with 11” ceilings and is open on two sides (kitchen to rear and open dining to right). The main seating area will be roughly center front to back but a couple of feet to the right. The tv position will be on the wall but to the far left. The front wall has a 9 foot wide floor to cieling fireplace and chimney that come out from the wall 2” on the right and an equal size space on the left where the tv will be mounted. The cieling will be wired for 5 channels.

My concerns are that I like it loud on occasion and am skeptical that in cieling speakers in a fairly large space can keep up. I’m also skeptical about having an in cieling center channel that will be ~6 feet offset from the tv. One thing I considered was an in wall center under the TV and then 4 in cieling channels. Does anyone have any thoughts on this??