Greetings, Programs!

Iím hoping to upgrade my 3.1 setup this fall, and have been trying to decide which speakers would be the best bang for my dollar.

Currently, Iím running two M3ís, a VP100, and an EP175. My AVR is a Denon AVR-3808CI. Just bought the TV stand seen in the photo, and will be bringing up my turntable thatís currently in the home theatre.

Iíve been toying with the idea of going with a VP150 and a couple of M5HPís. The VP150 should improve the centre channel for normal TV viewing, and the M5HPís might be nice for listening to LPís with the addition of their midrange driver.

Any thoughts?

Keep in mind, my home theatre is a 7.1 setup with a couple M60ís, and VP160, 4 QS8ís and an EP500, so thatís where I watch anything loud and explosive.

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