Am a about 18 months into my newest home theater room. Also just finished helping my brother in law put his together. This is the 5th room I’ve helped build all with Axiom Speakers all around. My brother in law went all in with M80’s, VP180, 4 QS10’s an EP350 plus a sunfire sub. After helping him with this one I have some upgradeitis.

I’m running M22 on Wall V1 I think. They were my first Axiom purchase over 10 years ago. VP160 center, 4 QS8s, and 2 sunfire subs. Considering upgrading the M22s to M60 on walls to blend with my VP160 center.

My M22s are the version with the deeper cabinet that insets inside the wall. I always thought that gave them more low frequency. The new M60s like all other on wall versions do not inset in the wall. They have a shallow cabinet. Has anyone commented on the difference if any when this change was made? I’m assuming the M60 will be a nice upgrade.

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It all matters.....just not very much.