I checked my speed on the Netflix website & it averages 15 M/sec. Netflix states that 5 M/sec is required for HD so I seem to be OK there.

Watched another movie last night. It dropped 4 or 5 times in 2 hours. I was getting 1080 this time; however, the sound was very sub par - pathetic actually. Gunshots & explosions that were dynamic on a Blu Ray were muffled & unimpressive considering how much audio gear that I have. Interestingly, I watched a bit of 'History of the Eagles' & the concert sound was very impressive indeed.

I searched the net & it seems that dropouts are very common with many customers. With the ever increasing number of customers, the net just can't keep up with demand especially during heavy usage times like in the evening.

Since I'm using a Sony Blu Ray for streaming with the router nearby, next time perhaps I'll try turning off our cable box, 2 computers & cell phone so that the stream isn't being shared.

So far I'm not impressed, although I kinda expected this...