I run straight Ethernet here, wireless is just not robust enough imho . Never have streaming issues on netlix or amazon prime on max setting though its a huge hit to my download quota. Luckily i have drop ceilings in the basement but still have some exposed wires due to laziness . In my old house i ran the Cat6 outside along the edge of the siding and never and issue in 7 yrs and -35 weather. Have a pro come in and see what they say, you can often hide the cable behind baseboards, i used some molding that i cut slots into to hide the wires for my ceiling speakers and it worked slick.Often if you pull the baseboard there is a gap under the drywall you can stick wires into, lots of lite duty cable that is fairly easy to hide. Also consider running it inside your duct work, just need special rated wire to do that though a fire from ethernet is highly unlikely.

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