With the help and blessing of Ian and James Tanner, I went down the road of converting my Bryston Model T's from the internal passive crossover to the external PX1 Signature series crossovers.

Ian said that I run the T's so hard and loud and so much power, I'd be well served with going over to the PX1's as they handle a significant amount of power over the internal units. It was decided that it was going to be too costly and potentially dangerous to the health of the T's to ship them back to Canada and then endure the return trip to me in the states. I offered to use my shop here to do the work as I have a lot of cabinet making experience and also electronic wiring expertise.

James found a pair of new PX1's he had on hand which he shipped to me and Ian made up the new triple input plates which were sent along with a good supply of the high end Axiom 12 gauge fine stranded copper speaker wire. I spent three days doing the work along with making up new super duty wiring harnesses with very heavy duty mil spec navy surplus spades, all soldered connections of course.

It was a rather involved project as I had to do some cabinet reworking to fit the new input plates, custom make urethane gaskets and do a lot of internal rewiring. However the final product is beyond anything I anticipated. Not only do the PX1's handle huge power input (these things are huge), but the output level of the drivers is at least two to three times that of the stock internal crossover Model T design. The noise floor is dramatically reduced, I mean it's creepy.... no crackle/pop sound from vinyl records between songs, it's disappeared.... and the detail in the music is amazing. I have never heard such beautiful bass/mid with powerful definition and the upper end is nothing but open air. The instruments are 'in the room'.

A huge thank you to Ian. I am very appreciative of his insight and guidance. This company is truly a step above.


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