I have M3v4 bookshelves mounted on Axiom stands in the living room. I'm driving them with a 17-year old Denon that doesn't have room correction. I have complete flexibility in laying out the room but no matter what I do, I can't get anywhere close to the v4 holographic soundstage I enjoy with the M5HP in Mojo's Dojo. This is not an M3 problem; I placed the M3s in the dojo and got a very similar soundstage to the M5s. Rather, it's a real difficult room that is open to the rest of the house and has a 5-pane bow window (which incidentally focuses the image onto the floor when the M3s are placed in front of it).

I am wondering if on-wall v4 speakers may be better for my application. Can anyone comment on what the quality of the soundstage is like with on-walls? Do you hear width, depth, height and lots of space between the instruments or are you just hearing images collapse to the left, right and centre?