So I just made the trip up to Axiom last week (well worth the drive, but more on that later) and now have all my gear! The basement home theater space will soon be drywalled, and I'm now agonizing over how high off the floor to be installing my in-wall speakers.

-Ear level at the listening position is ~40 inches
-Ceiling height is ~91 inches
-Dolby Atmos placement guidlines recommend 3.9 feet (not sure if this is the height of the bottom of the speaker, or middle, or middle of the tweeter)
-Dolby also recommends that overheads be 2x to 3x the height of listener-level speakers

All said and done, this will be a 7.1.4 setup with M5HP in-wall L/R, VP180 Centre, M3 in-wall side/rear surround, and M3 in-ceiling overhead. I need to get placement right the first time, so looking for all the advice I can get!

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