It would be very interesting to compare the Hawks against the M100s. I expect the M100s will have higher dynamic capability but what would interest me more, is the so-called holographic imaging. I have the Dreamcatchers circa 2009 and when I stacked them up against the M3v4, I was very surprised to discover I liked the M3 much better in all ways including the holographic imaging that my Dreamcatchers totally lack. I wasn't the only one who felt this way.

The newer generation Dreamcatchers may very well offer holographic imaging. This is a very interesting topic actually. It appears to me, as an industry outsider looking in, advances have been made in the understanding of the family of curves and this must be general industry knowledge because many vendors are now claiming holographic imaging.

Be careful with your Hawk's woofer. My Dreamcatcher's woofer is toast and I can't get help from Totem or their dealer. This is a stark contrast to the blown tweeter I had in 2011. I was promptly sent a new one no charge. It's also a stark contrast to Axiom that has been right on top of any problems I've experienced.