Hey Fellow Axiomites,

Ive been following this forum and company since i was 12 (33 now) it all started with a trip to the family doctor, whom everyone else's appointment but myself ran late.

Luckily for me there was a Home theater show room, show casing several of Axioms theater set ups just behind the doctors office. An hour later and an enraged father im smiling ear to ear leaving with a major problem( and a red arse). I will forever need to have quality audio in my life.

Fast forward another 13 years and i made my first M22 purchase. Since than i have acquired the Epic 500 Vp150 collection in 5.1 over approx 8 years.

I love my M22's but always felt something was lacking even when i first fired them up. (not that i was unsatisfied, just left with a feeling of that's it?) Once i purchased the remainder of the set everything seemed to come together quite well.

However , with an aging Receiver and always wanting the M60's (too bad the prices aren't the same from a decade ago :D) i find myself wanting to upgrade.

The wife and i are always finding we need to increase the Center speakers' volume to max and still have a hard time differentiating between the center and the side speakers.

I have never calibrated the receiver, but at this point i will be replacing it anyway.

I have been looking at the Onkyo Nr 787,Anthem Mrx 520, as well as the Yamaha Aventage series. it would seem power has been dropped for more feature these days, and i truly dont understand the dynamic range most of them are refering to. each channel is 100 watt output can also do 250w.

In the end, im asking what receiver would be best to drive my system, whether i choose to upgrade to the M5, or the M60's.

i have no doubt about the VP150 to 160 as it seems to be a no brainer.

I know the m60's would be overkill for my current situation, but the whole reference to my childhood is that i don't often have money to splurge so when i do , i purchase quality products to ensure longevity and enjoyment for years to come. As i will eventually be moving into a home in the next 2 years, i dont want to be back here upgrading once again.

Current equipment,

Kenwood VR7070

M22 v3 (2011)
vp150 v3 (2013)
ep500 - V4 (2016)
Qs8 -v4- (2017)

My current space inst very large less than 600 sq ft.(open floor to possibly 800 sq ft) however when i do move, i will be putting this in a dedicated theater room.

sorry for the long email, i felt it necessary to post my situation as we all differ from one another but share the same interest in this amazing company.