For me the DTSX is really cool.
Not having a proper Atmos. set up,{All monopole} Qs10 as sides M22 front height/On wall. 5.2.2 at the moment. The effects are really engaging both ATMOS. and DTSX.

In regards to the Room correction, they've really gone all out with their studies. ARC is simple run calibration, enter your speaker distances. Check or change crossovers if you like. Better to change them in the app. It will tailor the corrections to your crossovers before Uploaded to machine. Unlike Audessey you have to enter your own speaker distances. If your familiar with R.E.W. you can play with any setting you like. Just need a little digging in the app.

Audessey always set all my speakers to large 40Hz regardless of size, the distance was always spot on.
Out of the box the Anthem had a much nicer sound without anything setup. Played it like that for about the first month.

From my readings Dirac is supposed to be more of a customised set up, or just easier to find typically tinkered settings than ARCs auto settings.

There's a few brands that cater more to sound, than WIFI, streaming bells and whistles. Mostly higher end even crazy prices though. Cambridge, NAD, Arcam, Anthem. Are a few .