I wanted to get a post up here to give my initial thoughts on the VP160. This of course as the subject indicates is the mini on-wall version. Well there is nothing mini about this speaker. It is based on a short incomplete test session fantastic and I am sure I will appreciate it even more once calibrated and I get more time with it.

I am coming from a VP150ti circa 2003. I have read complaints about the design and some saying its flawed in its design but I never really had issue with it. However I had always wondered. So the opportunity came up (thanks Debbie!) and I ordered one.

First I use my theater for 99% movies, well that may change a bit. I have never liked the sound of Dolby Surround or DTS Neural X for music, great for movies but never liked music. Well the VP160 makes all the difference. I am not sure I can explain it but it just sounds right, whereas before it sounded I guess wrong for lack of a better description. Its loud enough, strong, wide, it just works.

Now for movies, it handles things perfectly (not yet Audyssey calibrated) Loud, clear, detailed. But this is the thing I want to know if others have experienced making this change. My surround speakers have come alive!!! Its like the VP150 was somehow interfering with them or getting in there way, I can't explain it but the effect is fantastic.

Anyway this seems like its longer than I thought it was going to be