So just an update, I eneded up grabbing the Mrx 720, i couldnt say no to the offer.

The audition was incredible, i was able to go through a few of the DTS-X demos while in store and tool around with the reciever as i liked.

I havent had a chance to hook it up as of yet, im a manual kinda guy so ill read it 1000 times before i do anything lol. Also i probably won't have time till this Friday to be realistic.

On another note, my pair of M60's and my Vp160 shipping notice was emailed today so im super excited to get the ball rolling on all fronts. Ill be taking pictures of the unboxings and writting a personal review/comparison for:

Athem- epic grandmaster vp150/160 ep500

Anthem- epic 60 ep500 vp150/160

Kenwood- epic 60 500 vp150/160

Im no professional but ill put my two cents together as best as i can. I will also be reviewing/comparing the mass step up with the Arc calibration.

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