It's amazing , i cant get over how how much more detail can be revealed with the M60s.

I was always amazed with the detail of the M22's, that tight punch you get from a " bookshelf" speaker, but now theres soo much happening in the mid-range its fantastic.

The sounds stage is completely 3d, if you look at the Qs8's while in Anthem music mode(2.1) you swear the rear channels are pushing out the music.

Lol, i look at my M22's and Vp150 and they look soo small in comparison. All while i used to think they were more than adequate size wise.

The Vp160 compared to the older gen 150 is not even a fair match to be honest. They work on entirely different audio plains. For movies and dts neutral its revolutionary. Its like yourself and others mentioned, you will kick yourself for not have ordered V4's earlier or the upgrade to 160/180.

Also, refering to a M60 review, i had powered off my Ep500 while moving ( was a little over tired and moved it while powered and threw the line in cord out of the way, only to get a bit of feedback, scared the shit out my half awake corpse lol) so i powered it off for the time beeing.

Come an hour later we throw on, fantastic beasts, the crimes of grindelwald, the entire time i kept saying wow, this reciever is smoothing out the bass soo much its fantastic and the way the M60s are blending in with the bass response is phenomal.

Guess what ? I never turned the sub back on while watching the movie, my couch was shaking with no issue. I coudlnt believe it was just the M60s the previous night once i discovered i failed to flip it back on.

Im obssessed, all i can think of is getting home to play the next tune, or bunker down for an epic movie.