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If my current Denon would pass the video stream, unmolested, I would not swap it out. It may seem trivial, but I like to see the menu screen of the audio processor on my display.

Which Anthem AVR would you suggest? I have no experience with Anthem.

FWIW, The AV sales rep I am working with suggested the Denon X4500.

I'm currently running a Denon 4500H, if you have any questions. I opted for a 'poor man's separates' setup, with an ADA1000-3 driving LCR, and the Denon handling amplification for the other 8 channels.

Any regrets not going with the 6500?

Nope. Pretty sure a 4500+ADA-1000 is cheaper, and destroys a 6500.

Axiom M5HP VP160 M3 ADA1000
Anthem MRX 720
SVS SB-3000 (dual)