I'll also add if you are playing your receiver at around zero, you need an external amp. Both ADAs sound cleaner at 0 than my Onk. But -5 on my Onk, with music, is about as much as I can take and up to that point, no matter whether I use M3, M5 or M100, it's all good. As for movies, I don't have any practical limit with the Onk.

BTW, I have all the data to prove the above. Right around zero, the channel output voltage on my Onk starts to collapse (30VRMS) no matter what speaker I use. This of course is expected. The ADA-1500 just keeps on going right up to 75VRMS. The ADA-1500 peak volts should go even higher but that's the limit I've found with my Onk's pre-amp. The Onk's pre-amp saturates when I turn the gain up to about +8.5 even though it can go up to +12.5.

M100s sound the best, followed my M5s, followed by M3s.

In terms of SPL, the 100 is about 3dB more sensitive than the M3 (which means it needs half the power of the M3 to sound as loud as the M3). The M5, even though it has the HP driver, has no balls because it's about 4dB less sensitive than the M3. BUT...and this is a big BUT...the M5 sounds better than the M3 because that HP driver is more linear, it has that sweet mid-woofer that disperses the mids so nicely and sounds OhSoCrisp(TM) and the tweeter cross-over is tweaked to sound better than the M3 to boot!

I'd like to try the M22s some day and see how they differ.